We Love Marketing!

We love marketing! We love marketing so much that we actually own the marketing company. This means that we are invested 100% in providing the best leads that we possibly can. Your success is our success. So how does that affect you? Every lead that you encounter has been sent through a qualification process to ensure that you have the ability to connect with your client and provide them the exact product and knowledge they are looking for. NO cold calls! NO prospecting!

What we do

Our leads are provided 2 ways. Warm transfers, and pre-set appointments. In the warm transfer scenario, our marketing agents will hand the clients off to you via a live introduction and brief explanation of what the client’s needs are. In the pre-set appointment scenario, if you are unavailable or on another call at the time, our marketing agents will set appointments for you based on your calendar availability. Once that appointment time came, you would simply dial out to the client.


How to get started?